Disposable Vape with Screen

Disposable Vape with Screen

Welcome to the new era of vaping! We lead the trend, bringing you a distinctive and fashionable tech experience. This disposable vape with screen design, displaying real-time smoke temperature and battery level, allowing you to indulge in the charm of the digital age.

More than just an e-cigarette, it's an adventure for your taste buds. We offer a variety of unique flavours, from fresh fruits to rich tobacco, catering to diverse taste preferences. Paired with the screen display, you can precisely grasp the flavour experience with every puff.

Anytime, anywhere, easy to carry. This disposable vape is designed to be compact and convenient, with one-button activation for instant enjoyment. Say goodbye to complex operations and embrace a simple and hassle-free vaping experience.

The distinctive design seamlessly integrates with advanced technological elements, creating a masterpiece of fashion and technology. This e-cigarette not only brings you an exceptional taste but also serves as an indispensable fashion accessory.

Equipped with a high-performance battery, providing you with extended usage time. Through the USB-C interface, a short charging time ensures that you always have sufficient battery power on the go.

Utilize the smart screen to easily customize smoke brightness and display timeout settings, making the usage more personalized. Simultaneously, this aids in more efficient battery management.

Our disposable e-cigarette adopts an environmentally friendly design, meeting your needs while caring for the environment. And we provide fumot digital 12000, pyne pod boost, hayati pro ultra and so on. Enjoying a convenient and unique experience, you also contribute to sustainable development.

This is a comprehensive introduction to our disposable vape with a screen – where fashion meets technology and unique flavours. Let's step into the new era of vaping together.

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