IVG is a local British e-liquid brand with more than six years of experience. As a brand committed to becoming the world's best e-cigarette industry leader, we have also witnessed the growth of IVG along the way. It can be said that IVG has spent a lot of effort on e-liquid, and has also won the favor and love of countless users. People pay great attention to the transmission of taste in the process of vaping, so a good e-liquid also plays a crucial role.
IVG e-liquid mainly incorporates the taste of fruit, menthol, candy, tobacco, dessert, and beverages. This is also the taste that many people are pursuing now, and it is no longer just a single tobacco taste. You can choose between 10ml and 50ml e-liquid capacity, and the nicotine concentration of 0-20mg allows you to fully enjoy the happiness brought by vaping. According to the needs of different users for vaping, different contents are provided, which is also to make more people really fall in love with e-liquid.

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