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Riot Squad

Riot Squad

Riot Squad is a brand with its own unique personality. From its bullet-like shell design, you can feel that this is a very cool e-liquid brand. Its mission is to convert 10,000 smokers into e-cigarette users, and in order to help more smokers quit tobacco, Riot Squad is also working hard. In order to meet the needs of different vapers, other capacity options of 10ml and 50ml are provided, and different nicotine contents will be matched for you according to the capacity you choose.
Of course, the choice of e-liquid also needs to be selected according to the performance and specifications of the electronic cigarette. If the selected concentration is wrong, the final taste will be counterproductive. In terms of flavor selectivity, RIOT SQUAD also combines the more popular mixed fruit flavors on the market, soda water, mint, ice, and desserts. If you are interested in this, you might as well try some, I believe it will bring you infinite surprises.

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