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Payssion Methods

Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.


Discount coupon

There can be only one coupon code used in an order. If you have several coupon codes that you would like to use, we advise you to place an order for each item. In this situation there will be several orders in your account.

On sale goods can not apply other coupon codes. There will be notice on the product page.

Coupon code can only be used to deduct goods value, invalid on shipping fee.


Reward Points

500 points = 1 USD.

* Discount only eligible for retail customers. Points can only be used to deduct goods value, invalid on shipping fee.

* The maximum points can be used is 5% of the product value.

If there is any irregular behaviour in using points, reserves the right to update the points to 0 in your account.