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Asmodus is a high-quality manufacturer and distributor, providing users with its more innovative products and proving that "less is more". While Asmodus doesn't release new products every other week, the high-end hardware maker has proven that quality over quantity matters. Operating out of Los Angeles, California, Asmodus is a proud American company that handles all manufacturing and distribution out of its Los Angeles facility.
Asmodus is also known for its customer service. Many of their products are backed by world-class warranties and have comprehensive policies in place to protect their customers. Because Asmodus is a US-based company, you don't have to deal with shipping damaged or defective products all the way back to China. Usually, Asmodus warranties cost only a small fee, but warranties can be delivered quickly and professionally.
With a limited product line, easy-to-get warranty program, and American manufacturing, it's clear to most in the industry that Asmodus has become a high-end e-cigarette maker. 

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