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Best E-liquids 2024 UK

In 2024, the vaping industry in the UK continues to evolve, offering a diverse range of e-liquids that cater to various preferences and needs. From classic tobacco and menthol flavours to innovative blends of fruits, desserts, and beverages, the selection of e-liquids available is more captivating than ever. As vaping enthusiasts seek enhanced experiences, manufacturers are embracing cutting-edge technology to craft e-liquids that deliver both rich flavour profiles and satisfying vapour production. With an emphasis on quality ingredients and adherence to stringent safety standards, the best e-liquids in the UK market are not only delighting taste buds but also prioritizing the well-being of consumers. In this dynamic landscape, vapers are empowered to explore a multitude of options, making 2024 a year of exciting choices and unparalleled vaping indulgence.

Today, I will introduce you to these brands of e-liquids, so that you can have a deeper understanding of their characteristics and use experience.

  • Dinner Lady
  • Elfliq
  • Doozy Vape Co
  • Bar Juice 5000
  • Riot Squad
  • Vampire Vape

best e liquids uk 2024

Flavour Diversity: E-liquids come in an extensive array of flavours, ranging from traditional tobacco and menthol to a wide variety of fruits, desserts, beverages, and even unconventional blends. This diversity allows vapers to choose flavours that suit their preferences and experiment with new taste experiences.

Nicotine Content: E-liquids can contain varying levels of nicotine, catering to different nicotine dependency levels. They are available in nicotine-free options as well, providing vapers the flexibility to gradually reduce their nicotine intake.

PG/VG Ratio: E-liquids consist of a base mixture of PG and VG. The ratio of these two components affects factors such as throat hit, vapour production, and flavour intensity. Higher PG content contributes to a stronger throat hit, while higher VG content results in thicker vapour clouds.

Nicotine Salt vs. Freebase Nicotine: E-liquids may use either nicotine salt or freebase nicotine. Nicotine salts offer a smoother throat hit and are more suitable for higher nicotine concentrations, while freebase nicotine is commonly found in traditional e-liquids.

Bottle Sizes and Packaging: E-liquids are available in various bottle sizes, often ranging from 10ml to 120ml or more. Packaging includes child-resistant caps and labels that indicate flavour, nicotine strength, and safety warnings.

Quality and Ingredients: The best e-liquids prioritize high-quality ingredients, including food-grade flavourings and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine. Reputable manufacturers adhere to strict safety standards and often provide lab reports detailing the contents of their products.

Cloud Production: The VG content in e-liquids significantly impacts vapour production. Higher VG ratios produce denser vapour clouds, making them popular among cloud-chasing enthusiasts.

Coil Compatibility: E-liquids with high VG content may be more viscous and can impact the lifespan of vaping coils. Vapers need to choose e-liquids that are compatible with their device's coil type.

Customizability: Some e-liquids allow vapers to mix different flavours or nicotine strengths, enabling them to create personalized blends that cater to their individual preferences.

Regulations and Safety: E-liquids are subject to regulatory guidelines that vary by region. Reputable manufacturers adhere to these regulations, ensuring their products meet safety and quality standards.

Best E-liquids UK

1. Dinner Lady E-liquids (★★★★★)

dinner lady e liquids flavours

Dinner Lady is a renowned e-liquid brand that has garnered a significant following in the vaping community. Founded in the UK, the brand has established itself as a prominent player in the industry, known for its nostalgic flavours, high-quality ingredients, and creative approach to e-liquid crafting.

Flavor Innovation:

One of the standout features of Dinner Lady is its exceptional flavour innovation. The brand has gained popularity for its unique blends that evoke feelings of comfort and familiarity. From their iconic Lemon Tart, reminiscent of a classic dessert, to flavours like Apple Pie and Blackberry Crumble, Dinner Lady excels at crafting e-liquids that capture the essence of beloved treats.

High-Quality Ingredients:

Dinner Lady places a strong emphasis on using premium and high-quality ingredients in their e-liquids. This commitment to sourcing top-notch components ensures that vapers experience authentic and rich flavours, while also prioritizing safety and consistency in every puff.

Nostalgic Appeal:

The brand's nostalgic approach to flavours resonates with many vapers who seek a touch of familiarity in their vaping experience. By recreating tastes reminiscent of childhood sweets and desserts, Dinner Lady taps into an emotional connection that sets it apart from other e-liquid brands.

Variety of Offerings:

Dinner Lady boasts an extensive range of e-liquid offerings, catering to a wide spectrum of preferences. Whether vapers are in search of classic flavours, fruit blends, menthol sensations, or even more contemporary options, the brand's diverse portfolio ensures that there's something for everyone.

Nicotine Salt and Freebase Options:

Recognizing the diversity of nicotine preferences among vapers, Dinner Lady provides both nicotine salt and freebase nicotine options. This flexibility allows users to choose the nicotine delivery that suits their needs, making their e-liquids accessible to various vaping styles.

Global Reach:

Dinner Lady's popularity isn't limited to the UK—it has achieved a global presence, with its e-liquids being enjoyed by vapers across different countries. The brand's ability to transcend borders underscores its universal appeal and the quality of its products.

Eye-Catching Packaging:

The brand's distinct packaging design also contributes to its recognition. With its retro-inspired visuals and unique bottle shapes, Dinner Lady's packaging stands out on the shelves and adds to the overall experience of using its products.

Community Engagement:

Dinner Lady actively engages with its vaping community through social media, events, and collaborations. This interaction fosters a sense of belonging and loyalty among its customers, enhancing the brand's reputation.

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2. Elfliq E-liquids (★★★★)

elf liq vape juice for sale

Flavor Wonderland:

Elfliq E-Liquids boasts an enchanting array of flavours that cater to every palate. From the luscious sweetness of fruit blends to the indulgent richness of dessert profiles, each option is meticulously crafted to offer an exquisite vaping experience. With offerings like "Mystic Mango Tango," a symphony of tropical fruit goodness, and "Velvet Vanilla Swirl," a dessert lover's dream, Elfliq takes you on a flavorful journey that transcends boundaries.

Craftsmanship and Innovation:

At the heart of Elfliq's success lies a dedication to craftsmanship and innovation. Every e-liquid blend is a result of meticulous research and development, ensuring a harmonious balance between flavour complexity and smoothness. The brand's commitment to using premium ingredients shines through in each puff, delivering a satisfying and authentic taste.

Quality Assurance and Safety:

Elfliq takes no shortcuts when it comes to quality assurance and safety. All e-liquids undergo rigorous testing processes to meet industry standards and regulations. This emphasis on safety ensures that customers can indulge in their favourite flavours without any hesitation, enjoying a worry-free vaping experience.

Customization for Individuality:

Understanding that vapers have unique preferences, Elfliq provides options for nicotine strengths, catering to both those seeking a bold hit and those aiming for a lighter experience. This level of customization empowers vapers to tailor their vaping journey according to their needs, adding a personal touch to every inhale.

Community Engagement and Education:

Elfliq E-Liquids doesn't just stop at providing exceptional products; they also foster a sense of community and education. Through online platforms and social media, they engage with their customers, sharing vaping tips, and flavour insights, and promoting responsible vaping practices.

Highlighted Product: Enchanted Berries Burst E-Liquid:

One noteworthy product from the Elfliq lineup is the "Enchanted Berries Burst" E-Liquid. This blend perfectly captures the succulent sweetness of mixed berries, offering a symphony of flavours with every puff. Whether you're a berry aficionado or simply seeking a delightful taste experience, this e-liquid exemplifies Elfliq's dedication to flavour excellence.

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3. Buy Doozy Vape Co E-liquids (★★★)

doozy vape co vape juice cheap

Flavor Innovation:

One of the standout features of Doozy Vape Co E-Liquids is their relentless pursuit of flavour innovation. The brand understands that flavour is a crucial aspect of the vaping experience, and they deliver an exceptional array of flavours that span from classic to unique profiles. From fruity blends bursting with freshness to dessert-inspired concoctions that satisfy the sweet tooth, Doozy Vape Co offers something for everyone.

Quality Assurance:

Doozy Vape Co takes quality very seriously. Their e-liquids are crafted using the finest ingredients, ensuring a consistent and satisfying vaping experience with every puff. The brand adheres to strict quality control standards and employs state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, resulting in e-liquids that meet the highest safety and purity standards.

Variety of Options:

Catering to the diverse preferences of vapers, Doozy Vape Co boasts an extensive range of e-liquid options. Whether you're a fan of traditional tobacco flavours, seeking refreshing menthol blends, or craving indulgent dessert vapes, the brand offers a wide selection to choose from. This variety ensures that vapers can explore new flavours while also finding their all-time favourites.

Appealing Packaging:

Packaging plays a crucial role in attracting vapers, and Doozy Vape Co doesn't disappoint. Their e-liquid bottles feature eye-catching designs and informative labels, providing essential details about the flavour, nicotine strength, and ingredients. This user-friendly packaging reflects the brand's dedication to customer satisfaction and ease of use.

Compliance and Safety:

Safety is a top priority for Doozy Vape Co. Their e-liquids adhere to regulatory guidelines and are manufactured in controlled environments to ensure the highest safety standards. With a focus on providing a responsible vaping experience, the brand also offers a variety of nicotine strengths, allowing vapers to tailor their experience to their preferences.

Community Engagement:

Doozy Vape Co isn't just a brand; it's a community. The brand actively engages with its customers through social media, contests, and events. This connection fosters a sense of belonging among vapers and underscores the brand's commitment to understanding and meeting their needs.

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4. Bar Juice 5000 E-liquids (★★★★)

bar juice 5000 e liquid review

Bar Juice 5000 E-Liquids takes pride in offering an expansive range of flavours that cater to every palate. From timeless classics like rich tobacco and succulent fruits to indulgent desserts and savoury blends, their collection boasts an array of options that can satisfy even the most discerning vapers. Each flavour is carefully crafted, ensuring an authentic and captivating taste profile that mirrors the real thing.

Exceptional Vaping Sensation: Beyond Ordinary Pleasure

What truly sets Bar Juice 5000 apart is the extraordinary vaping sensation it provides. With a commitment to using only the finest ingredients, their e-liquids deliver an unparalleled smoothness and consistency in each puff. The expertly balanced nicotine levels allow for a satisfying throat hit without overpowering the flavour. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned vaper, you'll appreciate the meticulous attention to detail that goes into every bottle.

Immersive Aromas: A Multi-Sensory Experience

Bar Juice 5000 E-Liquids understands that vaping is more than just a taste—it's an immersive sensory experience. The captivating aromas that emanate from their e-liquids envelop you in a cloud of delight, enhancing the overall enjoyment. The aroma profiles are designed to complement the flavour notes, creating a harmonious interplay that heightens your vaping journey.

Quality Assurance: The Bar Juice 5000 Promise

When you choose Bar Juice 5000 E-Liquids, you're choosing uncompromising quality. Every batch of e-liquid undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest standards of purity, consistency, and safety. The brand's dedication to quality assurance is a testament to its commitment to delivering an exceptional vaping experience that you can trust.

Innovative Packaging: Style Meets Substance

Bar Juice 5000 E-Liquids believes that style should match the substance. Their elegantly designed packaging not only reflects the premium nature of their products but also ensures the longevity and freshness of the e-liquids. With easy-to-use bottles and secure caps, you can enjoy your favourite flavours with convenience and confidence.

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5. Riot Squad E-liquids (★★★★)

riot squad vape juice hot online

Crafted in the UK, Inspired by Classics:

Riot Squad E-Liquids proudly stands as a UK-based brand, a testament to the rich tradition of craftsmanship that the region is known for. Drawing inspiration from classic desserts and refreshing sodas, Riot Squad's e-liquids offer a unique and delightful blend of flavours that evoke nostalgia and culinary pleasure. With each puff, users embark on a journey through familiar tastes, reimagined for the vaping world.

Fruity Themes for Sweet Vaping:

At the heart of Riot Squad's flavour philosophy lies a commitment to delivering a sweet vaping experience. The brand's selection of e-liquids boasts a fruity theme, capturing the essence of ripe, succulent fruits in every inhalation. This fruity infusion creates a harmonious balance of sweetness and authenticity, ensuring a satisfying vape that lingers on the palate.

Versatility in Size and Strength:

Riot Squad understands that vapers have diverse preferences when it comes to size and nicotine strength. The brand offers its e-liquids in 10ml bottles and convenient 30ml multipacks, catering to both those who prefer single-use options and those who enjoy extended sessions. For those seeking a more intense vaping experience, Riot Squad provides 50ml shortfalls, allowing users to customize their nicotine levels while revelling in an abundance of flavour.

Hybrid Nicotine Innovation:

Pushing the boundaries of nicotine delivery, Riot Squad introduces its hybrid nicotine range, Riot nic salt e-liquid. Available in 10ml bottles with strengths of 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg, this innovation presents a smoother and more satisfying nicotine hit. This groundbreaking approach to nicotine infusion enhances the overall vaping experience, offering users a chance to explore new dimensions of satisfaction.

Disposable Vapes for Effortless Enjoyment:

For those seeking quality flavours without the hassle of refilling or device maintenance, Riot Squad offers the perfect solution with their disposable vapes. These sleek and compact devices come pre-filled with Riot Squad's signature e-liquids, providing a seamless and convenient vaping experience. Whether you're on the go or simply desire effortless enjoyment, the disposable vapes embody Riot Squad's dedication to user-friendly innovation.

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6. Vampire Vape E-liquids (★★★★)

vampire vape e liquids best

A Trailblazing Legacy:

Vampire Vape E-Liquid stands as a pioneering force within the world of vaping, originating from the United Kingdom and making waves across the globe. Established in 2012, Vampire Vape swiftly solidified its reputation as an unrivalled innovator in crafting exceptional vape juice. Over the years, the brand's commitment to pushing flavour boundaries has earned it numerous prestigious awards, a testament to its unwavering dedication to excellence.

Flavorful Evolution and Global Recognition:

Vampire Vape's journey has been marked by consistent innovation, delivering unique and remarkable flavours that resonate with vapers worldwide. The brand's iconic creations, Heisenberg and Pinkman, revolutionized the market in 2014, capturing the imagination of vapers with their distinct profiles and captivating experiences. These flavours, which took the vaping community by storm, continue to hold their position as best-sellers, a testament to their timeless appeal.

Diverse Array of Flavors:

Vampire Vape boasts an extensive array of flavours, each meticulously crafted to provide a memorable and gratifying vaping experience. With offerings ranging from fruity to dessert-inspired, from menthol-infused to tobacco-based, the brand caters to a vast spectrum of preferences. Whether you're seeking a burst of tropical fruit, a comforting dessert blend, or a refreshing menthol kick, Vampire Vape's diverse range ensures that every vaper finds its perfect match.

Customization at Its Finest:

Understanding the unique needs of vapers, Vampire Vape provides unparalleled customization options. With multiple strengths, PG-VG ratios, and nicotine types available, the brand ensures that every individual can tailor their vaping experience to their liking. Whether you're exploring lower nicotine levels, specific VG ratios for cloud production, or seeking the punch of nicotine salts, Vampire Vape caters to your preferences.

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Conclusion: Best E-liquids UK 2024

Brand Site
Dinner Lady E-liquids
High-Quality Ingredients And Global Recognition
Elfliq E-liquids
Balanced Vapor Production And Commitment to Quality
Doozy Vape Co E-liquids
Balanced Vapor and Flavor, Consistency and Reliability
Bar Juice 5000 E-liquids
Extensive Flavor Selection And Affordable Options
Riot Squad E-liquids
Bold and Intense Flavors, Well-suited for Sub-Ohm Vaping
Vampire Vape E-liquids
Nicotine Variety And Mixing Capabilities

FAQS About Best E-liquids 2024 In UK

Is vape liquid safe in the UK?

Yes, all legitimately produced and sold nicotine-containing e-liquid in the UK is tightly regulated, but we go beyond the standards mandated by regulation in terms of product quality and safety. Extensive laboratory-based testing of e-liquid is absolutely essential for an outstanding and safe vaping experience.

How many cigarettes are in a bottle of e-liquid?

This is because one 10ml bottle is equivalent to around one hundred classic tobacco cigarettes. A 30ml bottle should keep you going from ten days right up to two or three weeks, depending on how heavily / frequently you're using your e-cigarette device.

Are Dinner Lady E-liquids suitable for all types of vape devices?

Yes, Dinner Lady E-liquids are designed to work well with a variety of vape devices, from pod systems to sub-ohm tanks.

Do Elfliq E-liquids contain any harmful additives?

No, Elfliq E-liquids are formulated without harmful additives, ensuring a clean and enjoyable vaping experience.

What are the benefits of Bar Juice E-Liquids?

There are several benefits to using Bar Juice 5000 salts:

• They're cheaper than disposable vapes in the long run (one bottle can outlast 5 disposables)

• They're more eco-friendly since you're not discarding an entire device every day • They taste the same as an Elf Bar

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