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SMOK Nord 4 VS SMOK Nord 50W

In order to better help you analyze product features and choose a more suitable e-cigarette by comparing products. Today we will recommend hot sale SMOK Nord 4 and SMOK Nord 50W in detail. In terms of exterior design, SMOK Nord features its own consistent style. Simple and cool. Nord 4 and Nord 50W are available in a leather version in addition to the most conventional version.

The volume of the Nord 4 Pod Kit will be a little larger, but this does not affect your casual carry. In order to meet the various needs of users. In addition to the most basic fire button on the device, SMOK Nord 4 Kit also adds a controlled airflow ring design, so you are able to control the airflow precisely according to your personal needs. Nord 50W adds a slidable airflow key to the back of the device for better airflow control, which can easily help you achieve DL vaping.

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Of course, to show the advantages of upgrading products, there must be a difference in performance. Best SMOK Nord 50W is powered by a 1800mAh battery and can reach a maximum power of 50W. In fact, the Nord 50W Pod System Kit has performed very well in performance. But in order to enhance the user experience, the Nord 4 uses a maximum output of 80W and a large battery of 2000mAh. In the pod system kit, Nord 4's performance can already be said to be very superior.

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In terms of pod capacity, the SMOK Nord 50W Vape Kit is relatively flexible and can accommodate 4ml as well as 4.5ml of Nord 50W pod. And SMOK Nord 4 can only accommodate 4.5ml Nord 4 Pod. For vapers who like large capacity, in fact, can not be replaced with a different capacity is not so important.

SMOK Nord 4's intelligent detection features include 8 Seconds Cut-off, Short Circuit Protection, and Low Voltage Protection. And Nord 50W equipped with LED lights can tell you the operating status of the device by flashing frequency. Contains ATOMIZER Recognition, Lithium-ion Protection, Low-voltage Warning, 8 Seconds Cut-off, Over-temperature Protection, and Short-circuit Protection.

In fact, by comparing them, you will find that they do have their own advantages, whether it is in operation or use to give you a different experience. You can pick according to the details of your needs.

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