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Geekvape Aegis Legend 3 vs Aegis Legend 2: A Comparative Overview

Geekvape continues to push boundaries with its Aegis Legend series, offering vapers innovative features and enhanced experiences. Let's delve into the differences between the Geekvape Aegis Legend 3 and its predecessor, the Aegis Legend 2.

Aegis Legend 3: Welcome to the Future of Vaping

The Aegis Legend 3 sets a new standard for intelligence and innovation in vaping technology. With the groundbreaking AS Chip 4.0 and advanced unlock function, this box mod revolutionizes the vaping experience. The Smart Lock system, featuring electronic human palm recognition, offers seamless unlocking for effortless enjoyment. Moreover, the MEMORY Mode allows for personalized vaping styles to be recalled at any time, catering to individual preferences. With an IP-68 rating for durability, fast charging capabilities, and a leakproof top airflow design, the Aegis Legend 3 ensures a superior vaping experience.

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Aegis Legend 2: Smaller, Lighter, Stronger

In contrast, the Aegis Legend 2 prioritizes compactness and portability without compromising on power. The second generation of Geekvape Tri-proof Technology elevates durability to new heights, with an IP68 rating for water and dust resistance. The addition of A-Lock protects accidental presses, ensuring safety during transportation. The 1.08-inch full-screen display offers an enhanced user interface, while the charging port with a flipping cover adds convenience. With larger air slots and the Geekvape Z Sub-ohm 2021 Tank, the Aegis Legend 2 delivers superior performance in a smaller and lighter package.

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Key Differences:

Size and Weight: While the Aegis Legend 3 offers advanced features in a slightly larger package, the Aegis Legend 2 prioritizes compactness, making it lighter and more portable.

Chip Technology: The AS Chip 4.0 in the Aegis Legend 3 ensures stable output and advanced functionality, while the Aegis Legend 2 features second-generation Aegis Design.

Locking Mechanism: The Aegis Legend 3 introduces the Smart Lock system for palm recognition, whereas the Aegis Legend 2 implements A-Lock for enhanced safety.

Tank Performance: Both devices feature high-quality tanks, with the Aegis Legend 3 offering leakproof top airflow and the Aegis Legend 2 boasting larger air slots for improved airflow.

Display: Geekvape aegis legend 3 mod has a 0.96-inch, TFT colour screen while aegis legend 2 mod has a larger 1.08-inch Full-Screen Display. There's not much difference between the two as to whether the choice of the display still depends on the user's preference.


In conclusion, both the Geekvape Aegis Legend 3 and Aegis Legend 2 cater to different preferences and priorities within the vaping community. Whether you prioritize advanced technology and customization with the Aegis Legend 3 or value compactness and durability with the Aegis Legend 2, Geekvape continues to set the standard for excellence in vaping innovation. Choose the device that best aligns with your vaping needs and preferences, and embark on a vaping journey like never before. More cheap and best vapes are waiting for you at the online vape shop.


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