Mirus Bulb 10000 Disposable Vape Review

Hello, everyone, today I want to introduce you to the Mirus bulb disposable vape. Someone may ask, what kind of vape brand is the Mirus? Firstly, as a pioneer brand which is devoted to e-cigarettes, Mirus Vape aims to create top, excellent products that satisfy customers. To produce premium vapes, they create 10 high-quality production lines to make sure each product leaves the factory perfect. Of course, cater to the sustainable development strategies, they also try their hardness to create low-carbon and environmentally friendly production methods, making this action everywhere. Following, I will introduce vapers one of the disposable vapes, mirus bulb 10000 disposable vape.

Mirus Bulb Vape's Design:

First of All, the disposable vape comes with a bottle design, which extends the popular design from the market. And the mouthpiece seems like a straw which adopts an ergonomic design. So your inhaling experience remains perfect. The overlook features a shocking pattern design, which may attract the young group. Additionally, the Mirus bulb 10000's body is separated from the pod cartridge, which means vapers can be dispatched and replaced to realize different flavour experiences.

mirus bulb disposable vape cheap

Mirus Bulb Vape's Performance:

Mirus bulb 10000 puffs vape is compatible with a 650mAh battery to ensure a stable output and once the battery runs out, you can easily charge through the type-c port. And if you want to know the battery level, the RGB indicator will show you. With the 1.0ohm Dual mesh coil, the e-liquid will be fully immersed and the flavour will be stable and consistent. Just inhale to activate the device.

Mirus Bulb Disposable's Outstanding Features

At the bottom of the device, you will see the adjustable airflow system, so you can customise your unique vaping method, and easily change from MTL to DL. Furthermore, the best disposable vape contains two modes, eco mode and boost mode, just quick inhaling 3 times to get the vaping method.  Green light means boost mode and blue light means eco mode.

mirus bulb 10000 disposable vape

Mirus Bulb's Rich Flavours

As mentioned before, you could change the flavour by replacing the pods, and the flavours including fruit, ice and drinks flavour, you can choose anyone as you want. 15ml prefilled e-liquid provides you with up to 10000 puffs vape, for old vapers, at least half a month you don't need to change the disposable vape.

Ensuring a longer vaping time while saving your money.

So, as an innovative disposable vape, you could see the highlight from the mirus bulb, and for most of the vapers, this kind of vape is easy to use and will bring a perfect vaping experience, whether from actions or inhaling. If you want to learn more, here is the quick link: https://vapesourcing.uk/mirus-bulb-10000.html

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