Titan 10K Disposable Vape VS Lost Mary BM6000-Find The Biggest Difference

For some uk vapers, I think you may know about the refillable disposable vape. Now it is not only a simple e-cig in the market but also provides more innovative elements to satisfy different user demands. Today, what I want to bring to you is the representative of innovation, if you are interested in it, please keep learning.

From the aspect of design:

Titan 10K Disposable Vape and Lost Mary BM6000 both adopt the ergonomics design, they have square designs which are super easy to carry out. The difference is that the bm6000 vape adds a screen on its body, so you can easily check some basic data.

From the aspect of refilling pods

The most stark difference must be the refilling pods. Let’s talk about the titan 10k vape first, which installs from the side, that means you should open the magnetic cover on the side. Connect the pod cartridge to the built-in rubber stopper, remove the pull ring on the capsule, and rotate the cartridge to the clock side to lock it. Four capsules can be installed inside the device. Once a capsule runs out, another can replace it. So the disposable vape is reasonable and provides a longer lifespan compared to the compliant products. 8 capsules are offered, and each capsule contains 2ml vape juice capacity, reaching up to 10000 puffs vape.

titan 10k disposable vape sale

You are referring to the lost mary bm6000, which has different replacement ways. It is connected from the outside, and you can see a 10ml vape juice bottle. In principle, just like a pod kit, the bm6000 vape must be refilled to extend the vaping lifespan. You need to open the cap and remove the silicone seal from the installation port and seals and lids from the refill containers. Slide the bottle into the connection place, when you hear a click, it means you have installed it successfully. Then invert the disposable vape to let the e-liquid flow into the cartridge, you can end it until it is full. Of course, whenever the vape juice runs out, you can repeat the action. And the 10ml vape juice will provide 6000 puffs vape, so enjoy more than 3 weeks.

lost mary bm6000 vape review

At this point, you will find these two disposable vapes both have their advantages, and their goal is to provide vapers with a longer vaping time, to cater to the trend of today's market.

From the aspect of performance:

To provide more superior lifespan, the essential part is to increase the built-in battery capacity. Titan 10k is compatible with a 1000mAh integrated battery, so there is no problem with one-day use. Meanwhile, lost mary bm6000 vape is paired with a 650mAh battery to ensure stable output. They both contain USB-C charging ports to let you recharge, and keep running.

lost mary bm6000 best

From the aspect of flavour:

These two disposable vapes provide 20mg nicotine content, fully satisfy the vapers' vaping needs, and contain various flavours for you to choose from.

Titan 10K Disposable Vape:

Lemon Lime

Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice

Watermelon Ice

Fruit Punch

Strawberry Kiwi Watermelon

Blue Raspberry

Lemon Ice

Banana Ice

Pineapple Ice

Blueberry Cherry Cranberry

Caribbean Cooler

Lost Mary BM6000:


Double Apple


Apple Pear

Triple Berry

Pink Lemonade


Blueberry Sour Raspberry

Banana Volcano

Triple Mango

Pineapple Ice

Lemon Lime


Blackberry Ice

From the aspect of the experience:

If you want to vape longer, undoubtedly titan 10k win, if you want to operate conveniently and have a more intelligent vaping method, maybe lost mary bm6000 can satisfy, everything is up to you.

I hope this article will help you better learn about these two kinds of disposable vape, and hope you will gain something from vape stores uk.


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