Lost Vape Centaurus E40 Max vs Lost Vape Centaurus E40


In the steadily advancing universe of vaping, Lost Vape keeps on setting the bar high with its imaginative and excellent items. Perhaps their most recent contribution, the Lost Vape Centaurus E40 Max Pack has gathered consideration for its amazing elements and smooth plan. In this blog, we will dive into the subtleties of the Lost Vape Centaurus E40 Max Unit, contrast it and its ancestor, the Lost Vape Centaurus E40, and give a far-reaching survey to assist you with choosing if this is the right vaping gadget for you.

Item Presentation


The Lost Vape Centaurus E40 Max Unit is a flexible case framework intended to take special care of both MTL and RDL vaping styles. This gadget flaunts a strong 1400mAh battery, movable wattage up to 40W, and a 3ml case limit. It includes a 0.42-inch OLED screen for simple activity and a one-contact finger-fire button for comfort. Created from premium aluminium composite, the Centaurus E40 Max offers strength and an upscale appearance.


Brand: Lost Vape

Item Name: Centaurus E40 Max Pack

Aspects: 2043.395mm

Battery Limit: 1400mAh

Battery Voltage: 3.0V-4.2V

Power Reach: 5W-40W

Unit Limit: 3ml

Charging Voltage: 5V/1.4A

Type-C Link: Supports 5V/2A Charger

Body Material: Aluminum Compound, PC

Colours: Great Knight, Magnificent Ruler, Regal Blue, Imperial Green, Crystal White, Crystal Dark


One-Contact Finger Fire Button: Improves the vaping system with a solitary press.

Journey 2.0 Chip: Gives the greatest power result of 40W.

0.42 Inch OLED Screen: Presentations fundamental vaping data.

Similarity: Works with E In addition to and E In addition to RBA Cartridges.

Fastidious Craftsmanship: Consolidates aluminium composite and graceful calfskin for a superior vibe.

Inventive Watertight Construction: Guarantees a wreck-free vaping experience.

Steeples Wind stream Control: Takes into consideration modified wind current changes.

Examination: Lost Vape Centaurus E40 versus Lost Vape Centaurus E40 Max

lost vape centaurus e40 vs lost vape centaurus e40 max

Plan and Fabricate Quality

Both the Lost Vape Centaurus E40 and the E40 Max are made from top-notch materials, guaranteeing sturdiness and a superior vibe. The E40 Max, notwithstanding, makes it a stride further with fastidious craftsmanship, highlighting an illuminated board propelled by Roman sections and a flexible calfskin finish that oozes extravagance.

Battery and Power

The Centaurus E40 Max accompanies a 1400mAh battery, which is an improvement over the Centaurus E40's battery limit. This improvement guarantees longer vaping meetings and less regular charging. Furthermore, the E40 Max offers a more extensive power range (5W-40W), giving greater adaptability to various vaping styles contrasted with the first E40.

Unit Limit and Watertight Plans

The two gadgets highlight a 3ml unit limit, however, the E40 Max presents an imaginative sealed structure that limits wreck and waste. This is a critical update, making the E40 Max more easy to understand and dependable.

UI and Controls

The 0.42-inch OLED screen on the E40 Max is a champion component, offering clear and simple to-peruse data about your vaping settings. The one-contact finger fire button improves comfort, while the stepless wind stream control considers exact changes to suit your inclinations.

Lost Vape Centaurus E40 Max Unit: Top to bottom Audit

Plan and Style

The Lost Vape Centaurus E40 Max is a visual joy. Its aluminium amalgam outline isn't simply strong yet in addition impervious to scratches, guaranteeing your gadget stays looking new for longer. The blend of metallic and calfskin components gives it a modern look, accessible in different varieties including Great Knight, Lofty Lord, Illustrious Blue, Regal Green, Crystal White, and Crystal Dark.


The Centaurus E40 Max succeeds in execution, because of Journey 2.0 chip gives up to 40W of force. This adaptability permits clients to switch between MTL and RDL vaping styles easily. The 1400mAh battery guarantees you sufficient power for an entire day of vaping, while the Sort C quick charging capacity implies you can rapidly re-energize when required.


One of the vital features of the Centaurus E40 Max pod mod kit is its easy-to-understand plan. The one-contact finger fire button makes it simple to utilize, in any event, for novices. The 0.42-inch OLED screen shows all the fundamental data, including battery duration,

wattage, and curl obstruction, making it simple to screen and change your settings.

Watertight Construction

The creative airtight plan of the E40 Max separates it from numerous different gadgets available. This component guarantees that your e-fluid stays where it should be - in the unit - decreasing the gamble of messy spills and squandered e-fluid.


The Centaurus E40 Max is viable with both E and E In addition to RBA Cartridges, offering adaptability for various vaping inclinations. Whether you lean toward the rich force of MTL or the extensive billows of RDL, this gadget takes care of you.


The Lost Vape Centaurus E40 Max is valued at £25.99 and is accessible for pre-request while the e40 max is £22.99. Considering its high-level elements and premium form quality, this cost offers a fantastic incentive for cash. The unit incorporates:


The Lost Vape Centaurus E40 Maximize Unit remains a top-level case framework, offering an ideal mix of style, execution, and convenience. Whether you're a carefully prepared vaper or a novice, this gadget takes care of all with its flexible elements and premium form quality. Its correlation with the first Centaurus E40 features critical upgrades, making it a commendable overhaul for anybody hoping to improve their vaping experience.

With its creative sealed plan, strong battery, and adjustable settings, the Centaurus E40 Max and Centaurus E40 may become you're best vaping partner. Pre-request yours today and experience a higher degree of vaping with Lost Vape. And more details, please visit the cheap vape shop uk.


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