Why is My Rechargeable Disposable Vape Not Charging?

Rechargeable disposable vapes are the way to go - unless you need a backup for when it drains halfway through laundry day on a 12-hour charge. They endure such that you are getting a charge out of parts and parts of Maryjane flavours for next to no expense. As a bonus you don't need to throw your vaping gear away when the battery dies, just connect it to a charger and it is good for more puffs. But nothing can be more frustrating than finding that your disposable vape not charging just when you want to take a puff. Knowing why your vape is not charging can help you address the issue promptly. To help you understand more about why your disposable vapes are not charging, below, we will outline 10 of the most common reasons and the solutions for each.

Charger is Incompatible or Malfunctioning

If you are using the wrong, incompatible or dysfunctional charger which might end up delivering too fast or too slow charge, this would make your vape not charge up. Additionally, the incorrect charger might short out, or heat up too much in which case the built-in safety features will kick and disable charging.

Solution: Use Charger From the Rest of That Sentence

Make sure you are using the correct charger for your rechargeable disposable vape device. Use only a charger that is compatible with your specific battery (refer to the manufacturer's instructions or documentation). Check the charger before use for any physical damage.

Faulty Charging Cable

As the minute passes, vape charger cables could deteriorate because of wear and tear or damage. When the wires in your USB cable are frayed or broken, this can cause an intermittent (or worse) flow of electricity to hit your vape device leaving it without enough juice to charge. Kinks, cuts, and bent connectors are other ways that the cable can be damaged and the electrical connection disrupted.

Solution: Change the Charging Cable

Rule this out by testing with a working cable. If this is successful, then it will make a great return on a quality cable that will get the right part for the job.

There's a Bad Battery!

The battery is probably the main contributor to a disposable vape which doesn't charge. Your battery may be broken, damaged, or completely dead. If the battery is dead and cannot hold any charge or not powering your phone even with a working charger, plan to get it replaced.

How to Repair: Recharge the Battery

Search out for symptoms of a defective battery i.e. physical damage, leakage or low performance. Once you have verified that your battery is the problem, check the manufacturer's guidelines or let a professional vape shop help you with new batteries.

disposable vape not charging

Resolution: Please examine the connection issue

Wipe down the terminals and the battery with an alcohol-soaked Q-tip. Make sure the battery is attached to the cartridge and everything is aligned correctly. Lightly Adjust the Parts to Make a Connection,

Blocked Airflow

Restricted airflow can lead to deposits, condensation, or even materials clogging at the points of contact between your battery and your cartridge which may contribute to charging problems. Another cause of premature battery drain in your device is poor airflow can also cause your device to work harder and draw more power from the battery.

How to Fix: Ease the Airflow

Inspect the mouthpiece for foreign matter and residues and clean with a cotton swab or toothpick dipped in alcohol. Buy disposable vapes with something like dual airflow technology to prevent clogging.

Defective or Faulty Device

Finally, it is also possible for your brand-new disposable vape to be DOA (dead on arrival), but this is extremely rare. Charging barrier: Manufacturing shortfalls, quality issues or shipping damage may prevent the device from charging.

What to Do: Return or Replace the Device

In case your new pen is dead on arrival, you can have the device replaced or a refund issued. Call the manufacturer or the dealer for your options.

Internal Problems

There could also be problems with the circuitry and other components of your disposable vape pen internally leading to charging issues as well. Sometimes pumps can fail in the process due to a manufacturer's defect, damage from use or normal wear and tear.

Solution: Replace the Device

There may not even be an internal issue to debug in the first place. Chances are if you can claim within your warranty period, you will have it replaced at no charge. Unfortunately, you will need to upgrade or buy a new one.

rechargeable disposable vape not charging

Safety Features Activated

In modern-day vape devices, there are some precautions available that will help you not to heat your device and prevent short-circuit. In case those safety mechanics activate they could limit charging to protect the device and user from any harm.

How to Fix: Reset the Device

Sometimes a simple reset, or even reinstalling the battery can fix charging issues. Here is how: remove the disposable battery gently wait for a few seconds and put it back in ensuring good connectivity This will sometimes reset the device and solve any temporary gremlins.

Temperature range Low or high-temperature Syndrome

Rechargeable Vape batteries mostly come to a certain temperature range. If you charge your devices at very cool or warm temperatures, the charger may not charge properly, or safety systems that prevent overheating may apply.

Solution: Change the Level of Heat

Give it time to come back within good limits and check the voltage (very dear to your plotter), wait for something like that and try to charge again. If the temperature is too high or too low, most of them are not able to charge.


As useful as owning a rechargeable disposable vape is, the last thing you want to deal with is charging problems. In this article, we cover 10 reasons why your vape pen won't charge and how to fix them quickly so you can be on your way, to enjoying the best vape experience. With these, from cleaning the charging port to replacing any faulty part within it, you should be able to get your disposable vape pen back up and functioning normally.


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